About Us


  • We use RO-UV water for food preparation
  • Free Home Delivery *
  • No Packaging Charges *
  • Free Wi-Fi Facility
  • Air Conditioned Dinning
  • Outdoor Catering
  • Birthday/Kitty Parties
  • Food Customization is available
  • We also serve various dishes on Customers demand (Basis on the availability of Raw Material)
  • Let us know your Taste Buds (Spicy/Medium Spicy/Less Spicy)

Our Golden Rules (With us, you will get Safe Food):

  • Keep Premise clean and have regular pest control
  • Store Veg and Non-Veg Food, Raw & Cooked Food in separate containers
  • Store Cold Food below 50C & Frozen Products at - 180C or below
  • Wash Hands before and after handling Food and after useing toilets, coughing & sneezing
  • Use Water Proof Bandage to cover cuts & Burns wounds
  • Keep separate & Covered dustbines for Food waste

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